Abode International is a registered charity in the U.K. and so qualifies for Gift Aid to any contributions by adding an extra 25% to each donation, a great help. Hope for AIDS orphans is also a registered NGO in Uganda with a certificate of registration according to the Ugandan constitution. The different certificates of registration are evident in the gallery tab of this page.
The team in Uganda, stay in touch with the U.K. via internet and telephone. Abode also visit with various representatives four times a year, so communication and monitoring of activities are always current. The organization has different personnel in the USA, which are also important to the success of the ministry. With continuous audits, the income flow and expenditure are balanced and double checked with receipts to ensure financial transparency to our donors.
Due to unending spread of AIDS and partly to increasing abject poverty, HOFA/ABODE was upgraded to a non- governmental organization from a small community based organization. HOFA/ABODE now works in the:
    • Provision of formal education for orphans and vulnerable children,
    • Empowering widows financially and psychosocially,
    • Sensitizing communities about HIV/AIDS,
    • Providing mobile palliative care for people living with AIDS (PLWA),
    • Fighting poverty through pursuing income generating activities,
    • And spreading the word of a caring God

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